Endeavor Podcast features Digibee CEO Rodrigo Bernardinelli

On an Endeavor podcast episode, Digibee CEO & cofounder Rodrigo Bernardinelli discusses Digibee’s iPaaS journey, lessons learned, and embracing change on the path to success.

Photo of CEO Rodrigo Bernardinelli and logo of Endeavor Miami

April 4, 2024

Endeavor Miami is a global community connecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. They seek to inspire, support, and grow entrepreneurs. The Endeavor Miami Podcast, hosted by Claudia Duran, Regional Managing Director for North America & Managing Director of Endeavor Miami, featured Digibee CEO & cofounder Rodrigo Bernardinelli in a recent episode, “From Selling Fruit to Leading Global Tech” discussing the journey of Digibee’s integration solution. 

From fruit to tech

The episode’s title captures Digibee’s humble beginning from an organic marketplace to developing our cutting-edge, global, innovative iPaaS. 

Rodrigo, along with co-founders Peter Kreslins and Vitor Sousa, originally sought to combine different technologies to support an organic marketplace. Utilizing existing tools such as open-source e-commerce solutions, SaaS-based ERPs, and marketing automation software, they developed a cohesive architecture to seamlessly connect software from different vendors. This laid the foundation for the early stages of Digibee’s platform. 

Photo of 
Endeavor Podcast with Digibee's CEO Rodrigo Bernardinelli and Endeavor host Claudia Duran talking

Vision & maturation

Amidst initial setbacks in their organic marketplace venture, the founders ultimately recognized they had created the next generation of a fully automated, integrated, connected, e-commerce platform. Rodrigo spoke candidly of the difficulties in pivoting their focus. He delves into Digibee’s maturing process as it scaled and developed a culture from the CEO and start-up perspective. Through mentorships, facing and embracing challenges, finding balance, and leveraging lessons learned, they started down the path to success. 

The power of support

Rodrigo recounts his journey of developing a company alongside long-time friends and colleagues that helped “drive a culture of accomplishments.” He discusses the importance of establishing a supportive community that drives and recharges him to stay both motivated and grounded.

Echoing Endeavor’s goals, Rodrigo extends invaluable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, urging them to prioritize managing resources, continuous learning, forecasting, and building a business that is predictable, repeatable, and scalable. 

Digibee’s iPaaS today

Despite solving complex integration challenges, Rodrigo was able to define Digibee’s platform in simple terms:

“We support our customers to seamlessly build connections and drive agility, and we do that by the means of our own technology platform….It’s very deep tech, we are connecting customer’s e-commerce systems with their ERPs, with their APIs, with their mainframe databases, with their AIs that are coming in… but we make that easy.”

Rodrigo Bernardinelli, Endeavor Miami Podcast

Through its commitment to simplicity and innovation, Digibee continues to redefine the integration landscape with unparalleled efficacy and ease.

Watch the full episode:

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