InfoWorld Features Digibee’s Field CTO, Tam Ayers

When researching low code or no code platforms, avoid red flags by choosing Digibee’s low code platform that enables developers to focus on the higher value work.

October 10, 2022

As the demand for digital transformation projects increases, IT leaders are having to do their research to find the right solution for their business. But as InfoWorld’s article “8 signs your low-code platform is overpromising and underdelivering” by Isaac Sacolick points out, there is a difference between “low-code” and “no code” platforms and the actual results delivered by each type of solution.

With skilled developers and system architects in short supply, Digibee truly offers a low code platform that can free up and speed up the development process; enabling developers to focus on the higher value work. Take a look at InfoWorld’s article, featuring our Field CTO Tam Ayers, to learn more about the red flags to look for when identifying the right enterprise integration solution for your business.

“A key indicator is when an organization begins to adjust requirements or lowers their expectations of desired business outcomes due to the limitations of their low-code platforms. Any low-code platform should accelerate value delivery to the business, not the other way around.”

Quote from Tam Ayers, Field CTO at Digibee, featured in the article “8 signs your low-code platform is overpromising and underdelivering” by Isaac Sacolick, October 10, 2022

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