Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Stephanie Chadwick, Product Marketing Associate

Meet Digibee employees with our Employee Highlight series. Some of the best and brightest are part of the Digibee team (Digibees) and have diverse stories to tell.

January 20, 2023

I had the pleasure of chatting with Stephanie Chadwick, Digibee’s Product Marketing Associate. Stephanie’s sunny demeanor was a refreshing contrast to the dreary weather outside. Her warmth and humor made for such an enjoyable conversation that I didn’t want it to end! Meet this lovely, adventurous, hard-working team member and hear how she brings integrity to her work every day at Digibee.s-chadwick-boat-rainbow

Why Digibee?

For Stephanie, the decision to join Digibee was an easy one. She was drawn to the company for three main reasons: the industry, the culture, and the product. The majority of Stephanie’s career has been in tech start-ups. She is passionate about technology and thrives in the fast-paced, dynamic environment of start-up culture. She enjoys the thrill of being on the ground floor and seeing the impact of her work firsthand. Stephanie has also seen both the highs and lows of the tech industry. Her past experiences showed her how the efficient (or inefficient) transfer and integration of data directly impacts the health of the business. She’s seen the struggles that come with integration challenges, and seeing how Digibee’s integration platform delivers on those critical connections gave Stephanie a product she could both understand and stand behind.  

Life at Digibee

After 4 months at Digibee, Stephanie’s days are filled with interesting projects and challenges to tackle. She likes that she “wears many hats” and that “no day is ever boring,” she has the opportunity to explore and learn different things. Of course, “having to switch on and off different areas of your brain,” comes with its challenges, but Stephanie says that also makes the work more enjoyable. 

Stephanie loves her role for its ability to make an impact. From creating processes to sales enablement, managing projects, and empowering colleagues with information and research, Stephanie finds great satisfaction in helping the team improve how they do their jobs. Her approach is always to ask “how can I make your job easier?” and then provide solutions for both her colleagues and our customers. Stephanie is a true believer in Digibee’s eiPaaS (Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service) and the value it provides. In her words, “if developers can see how it works, it would sell itself. Our tool is cost-effective and easy to use,” and Stephanie is passionate about spreading that message, highlighting the tool’s differentiators and how it can help organizations. She also loves being involved in the customer journey and sharing those successes. She’s very focused on utilizing customer feedback to identify and guide product improvements. 

Stephanie’s middle name is Integrity. OK, that’s not true, but it’s definitely one of her greatest strengths, “maintaining your integrity is so important. If my name is on it, then I want it to be the best it can be.” Stephanie aims to approach every challenge with grit, adaptability, and flexibility, while always putting her best foot forward. Stephanie credits this mindset to her hard-working parents. “I definitely carry with me the work-ethic and integrity that my parents taught me,” she says. Her parents instilled in her the importance of always giving her best effort while staying true to her values.

“Maintaining your integrity is so important. If my name is on it, then I want it to be the best it can be.”

The Future Ahead

Stephanie is excited to be a part of Digibee’s growth and expansion in the United States. After all, contributing to the company’s success is one of the main reasons she joined the team. Having seen Digibee’s significant footprint in Brazil, she believes we can have a similar trajectory here by aligning the pieces of the puzzle: understanding our audience and their pain points, leveraging the brilliance of our workforce, and getting out the right messaging about our incredible product. (Are you as inspired as I am?)

Balancing Work & Life at Digibee

My favorite part of every interview is hearing about interests and hobbies outside of work. Stephanie is a true adventurer at heart. She’s been passionate about traveling since she was 13. “I liked to travel even before it was cool,” she joked, “my parents couldn’t stop me.” She traveled with various humanitarian organizations to different countries, raising money to fund each trip. She went to Costa Rica, Belize, and Africa, and even spent 6 months in Barcelona, Spain as part of a school program. One of her favorite parts of traveling is experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and trying different foods. Through her travels, she has developed a unique perspective on the world, and she loves being able to see things through different lenses. She’s always eager (and planning) for her next trip.


Stephanie is also an outdoor sports enthusiast. She loves hiking and biking, skiing, and deep-sea fishing. (How so-fish-ticated! OK, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it). Outdoor sports are thrilling, and a great way for her to relax, unwind, and connect with nature. She has also found that the skills she has developed – persistence, dedication, focus, and endurance – can all directly apply to her work. 


It’s truly exciting for me to talk to incredible “Digibees” like Stephanie each month and hear about their different interests and journeys. Keep reading our employee highlights to learn more about this amazing team of people working to bring Digibee’s innovative enterprise integration solution forward in the US and globally, and see for yourself why we have the best team around!

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