Digibee introduces bold new brand

Digibee announces new brand identity representing strength, security, growth, and connectivity through integration.

October 16, 2023

I am fortunate to have had a front row seat to see the Digibee platform transform companies.  Digibee has served more than 300 customers globally with no signs of slowing down. The company has garnered quite a bit of attention in the last 24 months, first with a series A announcement and most recently with a series B announcement, with the series B led by Goldman Sachs.  

Elevating our evolution

The evolution of our company has been significant over the last six years. From an idea generated out of the minds of two young technologists to a booming business supporting technology teams, Digibee has been at the forefront of integration technology. Led by our three founders, Rodrigo Bernardinelli, Peter Kreslins, and Vitor Sousa, our company has scaled from helping a handful of customers to supporting some of the largest brands in the world

We recognized the opportunity to rebrand as we launched our global go-to-market strategy and geographic expansion. As we honed in on our target market and competitive differentiation, we knew our brand needed to be elevated to represent what Digibee truly is. Digibee is a born in the cloud, low-code iPaaS, built for developers, that scales integrations, optimizes developer resources, and helps IT leaders deliver powerful products and services. Rather than require specialized integration experts, Digibee lets every developer quickly build, test, deploy, govern, and monitor integrations across on-premise and cloud environments using a simple but powerful low-code interface.

At its foundation, Digibee has long relied on the concept of a honey bee hive. Integration presents itself in the form of the honeycomb, a hexagonal (six-sided) object that can support more than 25 times its own weight. The hexagon was initially chosen because it represents strength and security, two of the pillars of the Digibee platform. It was eventually converted to a cube, which had been used for several years in conjunction with a colorful lowercase ‘digibee’ brand.  

New look, same vision & values

With the new brand, we want to keep our rich history, preserving the strength and security pillars while incorporating new elements of making connections and moving companies forward through integration. Thus, the new logo and brand identity were born. The new logo is a simple hexagon with an arrow pointing up and to the right – the kind of charts we all love to see (particularly when it comes to growth). Our colors are bold and our font is developer and coder friendly, just like the Digibee platform and supporting products. As said eloquently by David Brier, “Branding is the art of differentiation.” And the new brand is more than just a new logo and color scheme. The almost year-long rebrand effort catalyzed a refreshed visual identity, go-to-market strategy, product portfolio, and complete digital transformation for Digibee. We wanted to empower both our employees and our customers to better understand the Digibee platform and leverage our products in a more innovative and effective way.

From start-up to scale up

To the market, this initiative represents a significant step forward with Digibee as a company.  For our employees, this rebrand represents the journey from start-up to scale up. Support for the Digibee brand launch includes new sales enablement tools, company initiatives focused on deeper understanding of our mission, visions, values, as well as customer enablement support to empower our customers in more scalable ways.

Digibee is rapidly evolving and growing, and our logo (the essence of our brand) should too. I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand identity. I want to thank each member of our internal marketing team for their hard work and dedication during this process. Our advising teams were also influential in transforming our brand, and I want to thank them for their unwavering support. It has been exciting to watch this process come together and Digibee is so grateful to have the most brilliant minds in the start-up and growth community in our corner. To our team, congratulations. To our customers, welcome to the new Digibee.

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