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Centralize data with manufacturing integration solutions

Successful manufacturers are connecting data and systems for real-time insights. The result? Better visibility, faster time to market, and amazing operational efficiencies. Learn how.

Implement a digital-first manufacturing strategy with Digibee

Real-time innovation

Easily integrate legacy on-premises infrastructure with digital and cloud technologies for a real-time operation.

Operational agility

Proactively respond to supply chain disruptions and changes in the market. Avoid production downtime.

Predictive planning

Support a lean manufacturing model with reduced lead times, lower operating costs, and streamlined services.

Why integration is critical for manufacturing solutions today

Digibee’s 2023 State of Enterprise Integration report surveyed 1,000+ enterprise IT professionals to provide insights on the topic of integration. 

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Integration case studies

Our customers experience digital transformation up to 70% faster with less cost. Digibee's eiPaaS enables system integrations for IT leaders at the largest companies around the world. Read our customer stories and see why Digibee surpasses our competition. 

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Screenshot of Digibee platform showing the increase in business agility

Outpace your competitors

Digibee coexists with legacy systems for faster adoption with no disruption to the business. Our low-code integrations and cloud-native platform supports rapid innovation so you can capitalize on the latest innovations with fast time to value.
Screenshot of Digibee platform showing reduction in technical and operational debt

Increased business agility

Immediately capitalize on new opportunities to drive revenue and growth. Low-code integrations and a cloud-native platform allow you to respond in real-time to supply chain and market changes.

Screenshot of the digibee product showing data and platform agnostics

Lower operational costs

As-a-service model means less maintenance and fewer resources, with better results. Top tier product and implementation support is included with the subscription, free of charge.

Bridging the technology gap

Digibee is an eiPaaS solution that bridges the gap between current systems and new technologies. We help you connect data and platforms that have never been connected before, regardless of underlying silos or legacy systems.
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