Digibee Survey Reveals Roadblocks to Enterprise Integration

Digibee’s survey of over 1,000 IT professionals reveals roadblocks and challenges businesses face on the road to enterprise integration.

November 3, 2022

Budget is the most cited roadblock, with 36% of tech professionals saying cost concerns negatively impact enterprise integration plans.

WESTON, Fla. — Nov. 3, 2022 — Digibee, an enterprise integration platform as a service (eiPaaS) company that helps organizations build flexible, highly scalable integration architecture, today released survey results focusing on the roadblocks to enterprise integration. The results are from a survey of more than 1,000 U.S.-based CIOs, developers and enterprise architects conducted April 27 to May 5, 2022. The survey focused on the state of enterprise integration, and results are available in the Digibee 2022 State of Enterprise Integration Report.

The survey revealed that business leaders face many challenges on the road to enterprise integration. The top concern is budget (36%), followed by security concerns (31%), complexity and time (28%), lack of skills (27%), and difficulty integrating legacy systems (27%).

The research also indicates that cost overruns with integration projects are common. Based on responses from business leaders who have already implemented an enterprise integration strategy, there are three aspects of a project most likely to impact budget and spend:

  • Competing priorities: The majority of eiPaaS use cases were ranked nearly evenly as priorities: B2B integrations (36%); data integrations (35%); system integrations (32%); application integrations (31%); and API management (28%). While this outcome reflects the broad application of eiPaaS technology, lack of clarity in prioritizing the work may complicate integration strategy, resulting in costly false starts and overlap.
  • System downtime: Some eiPaaS platforms are configured to minimize downtime, but many are not. Ninety-six percent of respondents reported having downtime during an eiPaaS implementation, 48% indicated downtime was more than anticipated, and 9% stated the downtime was significant and impactful to the business.
  • Resources: Although 88% of respondents intend to use internal resources only or internal resources with assistance to manage their integration projects, without a low-code eiPaaS platform, the specialist teams must invest significant time carrying out repetitive and lower-value work. With less bandwidth, project timelines usually extend, and costs increase.

“Successful, cost-effective integrations are achievable, but we were not surprised that so many respondents assume integration is a costly initiative, citing budget, security, time and resources as the top challenges,” said Rodrigo Bernardinelli, Digibee CEO and co-founder. “With the right tools, you can easily leverage in-house resources and other efficiencies to complete your project in record time and on budget. Implement an eiPaaS platform that empowers your development resources; rather than centralizing and outsourcing these skills, provide your team with new capabilities and capacity. The adoption curve between vendor selection and delivering a solution to production should take days or weeks instead of months. Rather than stifling your team, the right eiPaaS will empower them.”

For more information, download the “Digibee 2022 State of Enterprise Integration Report,” read the blog “Why Enterprise Integration Journeys are Failing,” or view the on-demand webinar “Examining the 2022 State of Enterprise Integration Report.”

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