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Cracking the AI Code: Presented at the Gartner Summit 2024

I had the honor of presenting on Digibee’s behalf at this year’s Gartner Innovation & Business Solutions Summit in Las Vegas, addressing over 150 leaders from diverse technical backgrounds and industries. Showcasing Digibee’s product is always a pleasure, but presenting a customer case study is even better. Especially when the results witnessed showed drastic reductions in overall effort and cost.

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2024

EVENT: Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (R.I.C.E.)
WHEN: June 4-6, 2024
WHERE: McCormick Place, Chicago

HOW TO FIND US: Visit Booth #527

Digibee will join retail leaders and directors to highlight how our cost-effective, innovative iPaaS accelerates business outcomes with ease and scalability. In fact, our solution integrated a secure e-commerce platform across more than 200 stores, in 15 countries, in less than 30 days for Payless.

Our integration experts will be at booth #527 to discuss all things integration for retail businesses. Hear firsthand how our powerful product offers a fast, efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined approach to modern integration challenges. Get a comprehensive overview in person, schedule a demo to talk to our team about your business use cases and challenges, or sign up test out a trial of our product and see the ease and intuitive UX for yourself.

Weekly Demo Series: Live every Thursday

EVENT: Digibee’s Live Demo Series
WHEN: Thursdays, 12PM (ET)
WHERE: Online

HOW REGISTER: Register here

Learn how Digibee’s iPaaS is reimagining the approach to modern integration solutions. Get a comprehensive inside look at our powerful platform without the commitment of a formal call.

Here’s what to expect:

  • See firsthand the capabilities, benefits, simplicity, and efficiency of our integration platform
  • Understand how Digibee’s product is revolutionizing solutions to modern integration challenges: streamlining workflows, reducing repetitive tasks, and promoting reusability with our innovative Capsules feature.
  • Learn how our platform enables developers to create integrations without needing specialized knowledge or skills
  • See how our AI simplifies tasks, making documentation creation a breeze
  • Have the option to engage with our integration experts to discuss your unique business use cases, needs, and challenges

Ultimate Guide to Business System Integrations

Graphic depicting different connected systems

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the need for seamless communication and data flow between various systems within an organization has become paramount. Gone are the days of siloed information and disjointed processes that hinder productivity and innovation. The solution? Business system integrations.

Redefining Integration: Digibee’s Visionary Solution to the iPaaS Dilemma

This is part of an occasional blog series authored by Digibee Business Development leader Jean Minka, sharing his perspectives on the changing enterprise technology landscape – reflected from his discussions with Digibee customers, prospects and partners.

In the world of integration, companies face a common dilemma. Choose a powerful but complex and costly enterprise iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) with a slow payoff, or opt for an automation vendor that promises quick results but struggles under the weight of complexity. This has been the landscape: a choice between two imperfect options.

Modern iPaaS: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Many legacy iPaaS users, like you, face common obstacles. These challenges range from end of support with their current provider, to the necessity of modernizing their architecture to support new technologies, to justifying increasing update and support costs. Additionally, while their overwhelmed team struggles to efficiently manage their integrations, their IT backlogs pile up.

Choosing the Right Tech Stack: Single Vendor Ecosystem or Best-of-Breed?

This is part of an occasional blog series authored by Digibee Business Development leader Jean Minka, sharing his perspectives on the changing enterprise technology landscape – reflected from his discussions with Digibee customers, prospects and partners.

As a business and technology leader, some of the most critical technology decisions you face center on whether to broadly adopt an integrated suite from a single vendor or assemble a “best-of-breed” stack of specialized tools. The associated set of decisions is the underpinning of your technology strategy, and the decisions you make will profoundly impact the flexibility, innovation and costs of your tech stack as you grow, scale and evolve your organization.

Choosing Digibee: Replace or Coexist?

We’ve come to recognize the change in facial expression.

Here at Digibee, we participate in a lot of in person technology events. The expression change I mentioned above typically follows a pattern. First, we engage an event attendee in conversation, tell them about Digibee’s serverless iPaaS, our users’ ability to enable seamless scale up and scale down, our event-driven capabilities, and we do a quick live demo of our iPaaS interface. We can literally see the interest growing as we talk. Then the change happens, “Oh wait, we already use XYZ for integration.”