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Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Naouel Saadi, Head of People Design

Although reluctant to talk about herself at first, I am thrilled she agreed to let me interview her so we could have a lovely conversation about her exciting work on the People Team. She’s an analyst, fitness-enthusiast, a pugilist (I learned a new word!), a globetrotter, and a bibliophile. Meet this people-oriented, inspiring, hard-working Digibee, it’s our Head of People Design, Naouel Saadi!

Digibee announces “IDC Innovator” status for integration and API management, tools and technologies

Digibee debuted in North America in early 2022, fresh off our series A raise ($25M). And although we hit the ground running, like any young tech company offering a new way to do an old thing, getting the market to notice was an uphill battle. 

Yes, there were low-code integration solutions already on the market, but Digibee introduced prepackaged, reusable capsules, providing unprecedented efficiencies in how companies integrate. 

Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Rafael Nóbrega, Product Chief of Staff

I had a truly joyful discussion with the charismatic, funny, and insightful Rafael Nóbrega, our recently-named Product Chief of Staff. His energy is infectious, and I’m sure I could’ve talked to him for hours about his exciting work at Digibee, his plans for the future, and how he delivers a high performance at work without giving up his personal life. 

Your Guide to Understanding iPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service

Digital transformation and architecture modernization have become a top priority for organizations as the shift to omnichannel and digital-first strategies continues to accelerate. Integration plays a key role in this trend, and you’ve probably been bombarded with messaging on the importance of the right integration strategy. 

Point-to-point integration, APIs, ESBs, iPaaS – the options can be confusing and differentiating between them can be difficult. The proliferation of “as-a-service” business models means iPaaS at least sounds slightly familiar. But what is an iPaaS anyway?


Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Justin McCoubry, Head of Marketing, US

As we conclude our Pride month celebration, we are thrilled to highlight another member of the LGBTQIA+ community leading our Marketing team in the US. He’s a Survivor superfan, travelholic, thespian, dog-lover, community-builder, mentor, and recreational sport enthusiast. Meet our fierce, organized, driven, candid, passionate Head of US Marketing, Justin McCoubry, and read about the work his team is doing to elevate Digibee’s brand across the US!

Improving and Enabling Manufacturing Efficiency through Integration

The manufacturing sector has long been a leader in innovation. The industrial revolution over a century ago centered on the adoption of mechanical advances to produce items at speeds and volumes that would have been previously unimaginable. 

Henry Ford’s concept of the assembly line in the 1910’s, Toyota’s Kanban methodology introduced in the 1940’s and Kaizen in the 1980’s, and Motorola’s development of Six Sigma in the 1990’s are additional revolutionary principles established by manufacturing, then adopted by many other industries. 

In 2023, manufacturing challenges center upon computer integrated manufacturing and data proliferation. 

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience in Ecommerce Environments

There are countless articles on how to build a meaningful customer experience strategy, whether specifically in ecommerce or in any type of selling environment. And while we all strive to continuously, proactively add technologies and process improvements designed to enhance the experience of our customers, sometimes a cautionary tale – learning what not to do – can be particularly insightful.  

Everyone has been in the role of consumer, so it’s not a stretch to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What excites you? What entices you to buy? What prompts you to leave a 1-star review or quit on a sale before it’s final? Regardless of what’s being sold – from souvenir t-shirts to private jets – the desired experience is essentially the same. In this blog, we share a true narrative customer experience gone wrong, and tips on how to avoid this sort of scenario.